Collaborate to Build Your Knowledge Base

Collaboration with a Purpose

Join Your Company's Q & A Network for Free
Join Your Company's Q & A Network for Free


CorpQNA enables real-time collaboration
to create a curated Knowledge Base

Consolidate, grow, and share your corporate knowledge


CorpQNA is built around a familiar Q & A format

  • Comment, Vote, and Answer in real-time
  • See Q & A activity in a real-time newsfeed
  • Use web, mobile, email
  • Secure file and image hosting
  • Receive email notifications & weekly digest updates
  • Control visibility with Private and Unlisted groups


Curate Your Knowledge Base with Topics & FAQs

  • Organize Q & A with topics and FAQs
  • Create WIKI pages for topics to create a glossary of terms
  • See topics grow with new information as Q & A expands
  • Easily create FAQs that dynamically update


Easily share information from your knowledge base

  • Share FAQs on CorpQNA or publish them to SharePoint, intranet, or websites
  • Keep FAQs up to date from one location
  • Download FAQs to Word
  • Easily share knowledge on Yammer

Built for Business

Enterprise features designed for IT and Business

  • Secure Hosting
  • User, Group, Moderation, and Administrative Functions
  • Priority Support for Team Edition Customers
  • Deep Yammer integration